Recommend to anyone trying to understand the drug use & abuse culture…

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Glue by D.W. Plato is definitely not your typical romance, if you classify it as romance at all. It is a brilliantly told tale of drug addiction: it’s cause, it’s consequences, and it’s cure.

Plato sets the stage giving the reader just enough information to feel Dacia’s loneliness, despair, and hope. Her only lasting connection is found in the discovery that a childhood friend is living in the town she now lives. The new connections she makes are mostly in her state of loneliness and despair, as well. One of these new connections, Mari, introduces her to a relatively new-to-the-market substance: crystal meth.

Crystal meth, or glue, releases inhibitions, heightens senses, and fuels energy. It’s a wild ride of drugs, sex, and travel for Dacia and her friends even as Dacia keeps telling herself she’s going to quit. It’s harder than she realizes, though, until something happens that gives her the permanent connection she needs to fill that void.

If you’ve never lived in the drug use and abuse culture and want to understand it, this is an excellent resource. I would recommend it to anyone trying to understand a loved one who is sucked up into this culture.

Cudos to Plato, also, for vividly describing the sex scenes without the gory details. These scenes were necessary to the story and in no way gratuitous.

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