All about Glue (the book)

Thanks in advance for checking out Glue, my second novel.

To be honest, it was my first. This story was the one that inspired me to want to write in the first place; to tell stories that could affect the way another person lives their life. The inspiration came while in rehab in 1995 when I told this story for the first time and my audience, a small group of pregnant women attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, encouraged me to ‘write it down’, ‘seriously, girl, write that shit’… (Did I mention I was pregnant too?)

An early morning epiphany when my daughter was about two set the pen in motion. Decades later, after I wrote The Sinners Club and jumped through the self-publishing hoops, I decided to pull Glue out of the old Dell computer that sat deep in bottom of my desk.

It was horrible! The reviews were a punch to the stomach. After another year of re-writing, with two talented editors at my ready, we turned a mediocre memoir into ‘a fast-paced and edgy’ fictional novel. (That quote came from the very first review after the re-write.) So as you read it, remember, it’s fictional. Sure, my real name is Dacia and I had a meth problem in the mid-nineties, but the book, (Glue the book), it’s FICTIONAL. No real people, places or things here.

Thank you for your support! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, FB and all that good cyber-space social media stuff that’s out there. My next book, Minty (a historical fiction about the life and family of Harriet Tubman) comes out in March, 2018.

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