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Glue by D.W. Plato is a sizzling romance with very memorable characters and a powerful plot. Dacia’s marriage hasn’t been a happy one and she has suffered a lot of emotional abuse from her husband. When she decides to leave him, she believes she is about to take control over her life, but she finds herself on a path that leads her to experience sexual relationships with a variety of men and become introduced to drugs. At first, she has the illusion that she is in control, but her life takes a downward course and she is set for self-destruction. Follow her story and discover the role a young man, Christopher, the man she’s vowed never to love, plays in her life. Can she settle down with him? Is there a way for her to experience real freedom from her addiction to drugs and sex?

With a great cast of characters, the reader is introduced to a world where sex is the order of the day. The author writes about the perils of drugs, explores the psychology of a drug addict, and builds a psychological conflict that will have readers glued to the pages of the story, excited to find out what happens to the characters. The narrative is wonderfully done; the narrative voice is focused and delivers the story from the perspective of the protagonist, creating a direct link between her and the reader. D.W. Plato has a gift for character and plot and Glue contains many elements that establish the work as a great piece of entertainment. It is engrossing and highly captivating, with great prose, wonderful dialogues, and characters to root for.


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D.W. Plato has been writing as long as she can remember. Being a published author has been a goal her whole life.
After raising her daughter and spending twenty years in corporate America’s rat race, her dream has finally come true.
Utilizing a lifetime of experiences, she has created stories for her readers to get wrapped up in and characters to fall in love with. Living in New Mexico has given her the motivation and inspiration to create these fun, fictional sagas.

On a personal note, if she’s not writing, she’s reading, traveling or gardening. As a forensic document examiner, her living has been made for over a decade looking at other people's penmanship. This passion and talent has allowed her to work from home and afforded her the time to do what she loves... writing!

Plato is her mother’s maiden name. In fourth grade she told her mom when she was a famous author she would be published under that name. After her mother passed away in '08, it only seemed the only choice. DW are her real life initials.

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